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BlueWater ArmorTech

Price: $2.69

  • 1/2" - Y1427 $2.69
  • 1/16 - Y1424 $2.54
  • 10.5mm - Y1427 $1.79
BlueWater ArmorTech

* A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as welding. Slag actually bounces off!

* The unique design of BlueWater’s ArmorTech rope also gives it excellent cut resistant properties, advantageous in rock scaling and construction applications. ArmorTech™ rope has proven to be the longest lasting rope for Helicopter rappelling situations. Hundreds of rappells can be dome on a single rope with out any glazing of the rope sheath.

* ArmorTech™ rope is constructed by braiding a Technorasheath over a standard kernmantle rope. Even after complete failure of the Technora sheath, the underlying rope still maintains its full strength(1/2", 12mm & 7/16" Models only).

* 1/2" Model certified to NFPA 1983/2012 ed "General Use". 7/16" and 12mm ArmorTech ropes are the exact same construction. 12mm is just a 7/16" rope that has been dry treatment processed with a propriatory Teflon compound. 10.5mm ArmorTech is designed more like a traditional rope using a Nylon core but with a braded Technora sheath.

* Designed to be used with Petzl Id style descenders and ASAP Back-up Device for rope access techniques.

Size MBS (lbf/kN) Elong. (300, 600, 1,000 lbf) 13 mm (1/2") 10,113/45 3.6% / 6.1% / 8.7% 12 mm Dry & 11.5 mm Std. 8,000/35.5 5.1% / 7.3% / 9.6% 10.5 mm 8,000/35.5 3.2% / 6.4% / 8.9% 300 ft( optional lengths available 200, 250 etc.) ArmorTech™ 12mm" rope, sewn eye termination on both ends, with "Dry Coating". Available with no tracer color, single green or green/orange tracer. Call For Pricing.
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