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MIO Rope Grab

CODE: HD26005

Price: $195.30

1/2" MIO Rope Grab

* This highly effective self-trailing rope grab grips automatically in the event of a fall and dissipates the energy of the fall by slipping along the rope.

* When used within OSHA guidelines on approved ropes, the amount of slip is well within the OSHA requirements.

* Comes with lanyard and ANSI Snap Hook.

Key Features:

• Meets ANSI requirements
• Used for fall arrest
• Removable dual action pin for easy placement on rope
• Stainless steel
• Self-trailing

Weight: 1 lbs 6.0 oz (612 g),
Length: 4.25" (107mm)
Width: 5.25" (133mm)
Height: 2.50" (63mm
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