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SMC Auto-Locking Lite Alloy Steel

Price: $38.72

  • TriGuard Autolocking - SM102300N $38.72
  • DualGuard Autolocking - SM102200N $38.72
SMC Auto-Locking Lite Alloy Steel

* SMC Auto-locking lite alloy steel carabiner featuring a triple or double action gate meeting ANSI and OSHA requirements for connectors.

* Can be easily opened with one hand; just pull, twist and open.

* Release the gate and it automatically closes to a fully locked position.

* An offset ''D'' shape provides a smooth transfer of the Munter Hitch when used as a belay and has ample volume to clip in large diameter ropes and over the rails of most litters.

NFPA 1983, G 
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