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SMC Lite Steel Carabiner

Price: $32.40

  • NFPA - Zink Plated - SM100001N $32.40
  • NFPA - Black _ SM100007N $35.10
SMC Lite Steel Carabiner

* SMC Lite Steel locking carabiners are for those situations where the high strength and durability of SMC Steel Carabiners is desired but the size and weight is not.

* Increasingly popular among cave and mountain rescuers for providing most of the benefits withouth the weight and bulk typically associated with steel biners.

Key Features:

• Stainless steel gate and sleeve
• Length: 4.52" (145 mm)
• Gate Opening: 0.94" (23.8 mm)
• Weight: 6.6 oz (170 g)
• MBS:10,341lbf (33 kN)
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