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CMC Rescue MPD(tm)

Price: $759.05

UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - General Use

Pulley - Auxiliary - Descent Control

* Variable-friction descent control device for rescue systems and rappels

* High efficiency pulley with an integral rope-locking mechanism (ratchet) for a haul system

* Rescue belay device

* Meets BCCTR Rescue Belay Competency Criteria

* Becket allows rigging cleaner and more efficient pulley systems

* For use with 1/2 in. (13mm - red) rope and 7/16 (11mm - slate)

* Allows the main line and belay line rigging to be mirror images

* Functions as lowering brake and as ratcheting pulley for raising

* Rapid conversion to a retrieval line makes it ideal for confined space operations

Developed during four years of research & testing, the MPD is the next major advance in technical hardware for professional rope rescuers - a multi-purpose device that performs all functions for main lines, belay/safety lines, tag lines and hoisting lines. The MPD can be used to tension high lines and guiding lines. Training and on-scene rigging can be greatly simplified by having a single device. Rescue system changeover from a lowering system to a raising system becomes faster and safer by eliminating the need to switch out and replace hardware.
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