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Bluewater NFPA 1/2 Inch (General Use)

CODE: Y1400

Price: $1.08

  • blue w/yellow is $1.08
  • red w/yellow is $1.08
  • orange w/yellow is $1.08
  • yellow w/blue is $1.08
  • white w/blue is $1.08
  • white w/red is $1.08

Minimum quantity is 50

16 carrier polyester sheath over a double twist nylon cable core.

* This unique balance of sheath and core produces a rope with exceptionally good handling and resistance to abrasion

* The polyester sheath provides added protection from ultraviolet light and chemicals harmful to nylon

* Designed with load absorption capabilities to provide additional safety in the event an accidental shock force is applied to the rope.

Minimum breaking strength: 9682 lb/f

Certified to NFPA 1983/2006 edition.
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