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Gibbs Ascenders

Price: $49.50

  • G1 Sport Aluminum $49.50
  • G2 Sport Aluminum $49.50
  • G3 Rescue Aluminum $57.50
  • G3S Rescue Stainless $57.50
Gibbs Ascenders

Gibbs Ascenders provide excellent performance under the most adverse conditions, gripping on even muddy and icy ropes.

* Used for years for ascending by cavers, Gibbs are also used by many rescue teams for ratchets in haul systems and in other rope grab applications where a mechanical ascender provides greater efficiency.

* The Sport models are intended for ascending rope and work well for pack hauling systems for climbers and cavers.

* The Rescue models have a heavier shell and larger diameter pin for greater strength when used in a litter hauling system.

* On all models, the bottom of the shell has been modified to provide a curved interface with the rope for greater strength.

* With the spring loaded models, the spring prevents the ascender from sliding down the rope when the cam is not loaded.

* These models fit rope from 7/16 to ½ in. (11 - 12.5 mm)

Note: The breaking strength applies to the unit. The actual Gibbs/rope performance will vary depending on the type, brand, and condition of the rope.

G1 Sport uses a Free Running mechanism
G2 Sport uses a Spring Loaded mechanism
G3 Rescue Aluminum and Stainless use a Spring Loaded mechanism
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