CMC Rescue Steel Locking D Carabiners
CMC Rescue Steel Locking D Carabiners Our Steel Locking D Carabiners are proven workhorses for rescue and rope access applications. Certified to... More
  • Screw-Lock Gold - CM300110 $35.15
  • Screw-Lock Black - CM300115 $37.05
  • Auto-Lock Gold - CM300120 $43.70



PETZL OXAN CARABINER High-strength oval carabiner OXAN is a high-strength steel carabiner designed for use in difficult enviroments. The oval... More

Rock Exotica Twistlock C2 T Carabiner


Rock Exotica Twistlock C2 T Carabiner * The Twist-lock (2-stage) carabiner, is a quick-detachable alternative to a screwlock or 3-stage autolocker.... More

SMC Aluminum Locking D
SMC Aluminum Locking D * NFPA version of SMC's Aluminum Locking D Carabiner. * An offset locking carabiner offering high-strength and... More
  • Bright - SM18501N $16.68
  • Black - SM18502N $18.44
  • Red - SM18505N $17.56

SMC Auto-Locking Lite Alloy Steel
SMC Auto-Locking Lite Alloy Steel * SMC Auto-locking lite alloy steel carabiner featuring a triple or double action gate meeting ANSI and OSHA... More
  • TriGuard Autolocking - SM102300N $38.72
  • DualGuard Autolocking - SM102200N $38.72

SMC Crossover Carabiner Series
SMC Crossover Carabiner Series * The SMC CrossOver series aluminum carabiners are the first carabiners that meet both NFPA G-rating 1983 and also ANSI... More
  • Tri-Lock - Blue - SM205700N $34.32
  • Tri-Lock - Black - SM205707N $34.32
  • Dual-Lock - Blue - SM205600N $34.32
  • Dual-Lock - Black - SM205607N $34.32
  • Screw-Lock - Blue - SM205500N $31.68
  • Screw-Lock - Black - SM205550N $31.68

SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiner

CODE: SM102100

The SMC FP Lite Alloy has been specifically designed for all your fall protection needs, with an easy opening Auto Locking gate. Key Features... More

SMC Kinetic Twist-lock Carabiner
SMC Kinetic Twist-lock Carabiner * The SMC Kinetic Series has been specifically designed to meet all your personal protection requirements. *... More
  • Kinetic, Twistlock-blue $19.36
  • Kinetic, Twistlock-orange $19.36
  • Kenitic, Twistlock-black $19.36

SMC Large Steel Carabiner


SMC Large Steel Carabiner Large size locking carabiners developed by SMC especially for the needs of the fire and rescue communities. Available in... More
  • NFPA210- Bright $34.32

SMC Lite Steel Carabiner
SMC Lite Steel Carabiner * SMC Lite Steel locking carabiners are for those situations where the high strength and durability of SMC Steel Carabiners... More
  • NFPA - Bright - SM100001N $34.32
  • NFPA - Black _ SM100007N $36.96
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