Capture Pulleys & Mechanical Advantage Systems

CMC AZTEK ProSeries System

CODE: CM500104

CMC AZTEC ProSeries System * Comes pre-rigged for immediate deployment. * UL Classified to NFPA 1983(2012 ED) General Use. * 50' 0f 8mm... More

CMC CSR2 Pulley

CODE: CM300343

CSR2 (Confined Space Rescue Pulley * The all new CSR2 pulley is stronger yet lighter and incorporates 7/16"(11mm) to 1/2"(13mm) Lifeline. It is ideal... More

Petzl Maestro

CODE: D024BA00

Petzl Maestro The Maestro is a descender designed for technical rescue operations. It facilitates manipulation of heavy loads. This versatility allows... More
  • Large - red D024BA00 
  • Small - yellow D024AA00 

Rock Exotica AZTEK Pulley Kit

CODE: RE-P41 Kit

Rock Exotica AZTEK Pulley Kit Consists of: 1 AZTEK Pulley Set * Blue and Orange swivel pulley * 1 Rope Cover * 1 Quick Release pin 1... More

Sierra Safety Pre-rig 4 to 1

CODE: Y6110

Completely rigged and ready to go! Kit includes: * ISC Progress Capture Pulley with capture cam, and release. * 1.5" Rock Exotica double pulley... More

Sierra/Yates Advance Tech System

CODE: SSAadvkit

Sierra/Yates Advance Tech System * 4 to 1 Mechanical advantage system using the SMC Advance Tech HX Progress capture Pulley, with a Rock Exotica... More
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