Air Distribution Systems

Air Systems International Multi-Pac Air Cart


MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart The patented MULTI-PAK™ series of small bottled air carts has been designed with the user in mind. MULTI-PAK™ carts... More

Air Systems International Porta-Pak
Air Systems International Porta-Pak Specifications: * High pressure 4500psi regulator with CGA-347 connections, universal handtight nuts *... More

Air Systems MACK-NFPA
The MACK-NFPA™ series has been developed specifically for the Fire/Rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines. The NFPA version of the MACK™ unit comes in... More
  • MACK - NFPA 1  $2,019.40
  • MACK - NFPA 3  $2,387.40

Tech-Rescue Cart
Tech-Rescue™ Cart The patented TECH-RESCUE™ Cart has been designed to provide air for all of the various respirators and unique rescue tools that are... More
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