Yates Full Body Harness

Yates Heavy Rescue Harness

CODE: Y335

Yates Heavy Rescue Harness * Well suited for all fire rescue, rescue, military, industrial, confined space and commercial applications where a Class... More
  • Small-26-34in Waist - 5'5"to6'4" 
  • Medium-24-36in. Waist - 5'5"to6'4" 
  • X-Large-34-64in. Waist - 5'5"to7' 

Yates Technical Rescue II

CODE: Y384

Yates Technical Rescue II * A tuned down super lightweight version of the popular Voyager Harness. * Great harness for entry level technical... More
  • S/M-26-37in.Waist - 4'10"to5'10" 
  • L/XL-34-45in.Waist - 5'5"to6'4" 

Yates Voyager Harness

CODE: Y380

Yates Voyager Harness * Wider waist pad! Voyager Harness now comes with same width waist pad as Rope Access Harness. * The Voyager has become the... More
  • Small-28-33in. Waist - 5'0"to5'9" 
  • Medium-32-36in Waist - 5'5"to6'4" 
  • Large-35-39in.Waist - 5'5"to6'4" 
  • X-Large-39-50in. Waist - 5'5"to7' 
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