Litter Accessories

Sierra Safety Litter Pre-Rig


Designed by Sierra Safety, this new litter pre-rig is really deluxe. Fully adjustable Y spider suspension system drastically reduces congestion at the upper... More

SSA/Yates Litter Cover

CODE: Y436

SSA/Yates Litter Cover Made from durable vinyl fabric, this stretcher cover protects a stretcher and contents from the most extreme weather... More

Yates Adjustable Stretcher Strap

CODE: Y437

Yates Adjustable Stretcher Strap Loops around litter rail and attaches to rescuer. Easily adjustable for most efficient positioning.

Yates Litter Pre-Rig

CODE: Y435

Yates Litter Pre-Rig Fully adjustable spider intended for use with any stokes litter. Unique Y suspension system drastically reduces congestion at the... More
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