CMC Rescue Rappel Gloves
CMC Rescue Rappel Gloves These gloves provide outstanding hand protection plus the dexterity needed to tie knots and work with hardware - you can use... More
  • CM250201 -exsm Tan 
  • CM250202 - Sm. Tan 
  • CM250203 - Med Tan 
  • CM250204 - Lrg. Tan 
  • CM250205 - Xlrg. Tan 
  • CM250206 - XXlrg. Tan 
  • CM250252 - Sm. Black 
  • CM250253 _ Med. Black 
  • CM250254 - Lrg. Black 
  • CM250255 - Xlrg. Black 
  • CM250256 - XXlrg Black 

PMI Lightweight Rappel Gloves

CODE: GL22001

PMI Lightweight Rappel Gloves The original PMI rope work and rappel glove, is still one of the most popular gloves on the market. Lightweight, pliable... More
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